Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Together At Last

I just heard about the movie The Forbidden Kingdom.  It has Jackie ChanAnd Jet Li.  In the same movie.  That’s like having an ice cream cone with a scoop of each of your favourite flavours.  It’s scheduled for release in mid-April.

I think the last time I was looking forward to a movie this much was when I first heard about The Phantom Menace.  Hopefully The Forbidden Kingdom will turn out better than that one did.

Anyway, that is all.  I just needed to share.

My First Novel is Finished!

Well, the first (very) rough draft is, anyway.  When I finished chapter 17 last night, the word count ticked slightly past 65000.  This is pretty short for a novel — perhaps too short to be economically publishable.  Of course, right now the novel itself is unpublishable regardless of length, as it is very rough, with atrocious prose, some very flat characters, and gaping plot holes.  I am hopeful, however, that these things can be fixed in the second draft.

The plan for now is to set it aside for a few months, and work on some other things in the interim.  I’ll come back to it in April sometime, and try to fix everything that is wrong with it as I see it now.  I suspect that will actually grow the word count somewhat, as I fill in gaps and plot holes and character backgrounds.  Once that draft is done, I might let some people actually see it.