Pizza Quest 8: Pizza Empire

There has been a lot of pizza-related activity lately, thanks to Friday pizza lunches at work.  We have embarked on a Pizza Quest of our own, there, and so it has afforded me the opportunity to sample a few more new places.

Today’s entry is—I think—Pizza Empire.  (I had been thinking it was called Empire Pizza all along, but Google can find no such place.)  I am told that it is the best of the pizza places found in the Empire Avenue cheap pizza district, but—not having sampled the others—I cannot verify this.

I can verify that it was cheaper than most of our usual places.  The quality… wasn’t bad.  Toppings were reasonably generous, but I felt the crust was overdone and a bit tough.  The size of the pizza was quite generous and crust thickness was mid-range, neither too thin nor too doughy.

Overall, it tasted fine but didn’t stand out for me.  I would certainly eat it again, but there are several prior entries in the Pizza Quest that I vastly prefer.