Catching Up

I know it is hard to believe, but things around here have been quieter than usual lately.  I’m far behind on my movie posts (and, frankly, far behind on seeing movies), I haven’t finished reading any books in ages, and I’m afraid I may be running out of prominent pizza places to feature in my Pizza Quest.

It is possible that I could have caught up on or dealt with some of these issues over the past month or so if not for a few of exciting events.

  1. The girlfriend was upgraded to the fiancee.  (Actually, so was I, now that I think about it.)  I proposed in Vegas on New Year’s Eve with the help of her sister and friends, and took her completely by surprise.  Since then we have been rather busy nailing down details of when and where the event will happen, and that has taken up a surprising amount of time.
  2. I turned 34.  That is rather older than I realized I was getting. I’m definitely in the mid-thirties demographic by now.  Realizing this, I have renewed my efforts to finish my PhD this year.  (Hopefully the sequence of events this year will be Defense -> Wedding -> Convocation.)
  3. I was on TV!  Last September, the Daily Planet show on the Discovery Channel filmed a segment about our research project at work, and it finally aired.  We are in Part 1 of the January 24th, 2013 episode, which I seem unable to find online right now but was definitely there yesterday.

All of the above kept me rather busy and distracted.  However, now that I’ve settled into a nice routine with work, wedding planning, and thesis, I’m hoping I can fit in more time for blogging and other fun stuff too.