Pizza Quest 11: Hobo’s

After the tragic Stoggers fiasco at work (where we ordered at 11:30 AM, the pizza didn’t show up till 3:30 PM, and they only offered a 10% discount) we had to cut them from the Pizza Friday rotation.  The first viable alternate suggestion was Hobo’s Pizza, and so we tried that.

It… wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad.  As I recall, the crust didn’t have much flavour to it on its own, but with the toppings the pizza was okay.  The key attraction of Hobo’s—and the reason it has stayed on the list—is the crucial value-for-money proposition.

We got a ridiculous amount of pizza for significantly less than our normal price.  The pizza may only be okay, but it is cheap and plentiful.  That can be a potent combination.  While it is nowhere near being a favourite, you do get some decent bang for your buck.