I Am Now on Twitter

In case anyone has failed to notice the Twitter feed added to this blog, or the mention of it in my Plans for 2011 post, I am now on Twitter as housephd.

(The name is somewhat presumptive, as I do not have my PhD yet.  But I will.  Oh yes, I will.  And it sounds better than “housephdcandidate” anyway.)

(Alternately, should I fail to complete the PhD, I could turn it into the Twitter stream of the lead character of a “House, PhD” web video series I had thought about making, where I play a brilliant but bitter professor who—with a team of three brilliant graduate students—solves problems that no one else can while battling a crippling addiction to Altoids.)

New Theme for a New Year

I have updated the WordPress theme for my blog, as I was getting tired of the old one.  I’m not entirely convinced this new one is exactly what I want, but I don’t have the time to figure out how to tweak it.  I’d be interested in thoughts or preferences from any readers out there—just leave a comment.

More Site Administration

I’ve just upgraded the WordPress install to the latest version.  Everything seems to be working fine.

I have also taken this opportunity to purge the 129 “subscribers” who had registered with the site.  None of them had posted a comment, and they all had nonsense-seeming user names and suspicious e-mails, so I suspect they were attempted spam accounts.

If I have deleted the account of an actual reader, my apologies.  But a registered account is not necessary to comment, or read, or subscribe to the RSS feed, so it seemed extraneous to leave that capability up and running as part of my WP install.  If I ever bring in a guest blogger or something, I’ll re-enable that functionality.