My First Novel, Round 2

I have decided that I will attempt to have a second draft of my novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo competed by July 13th.  That is two months from now, which, depending on which writers you listen to, is a reasonable timeline.  (Admittedly, however, they may be starting with a better first draft, but, hey, there’s no teacher like experience….)

In order to facilitate my rewriting, I am going to have to actually read the novel that I wrote.  To that end, last night I printed off a copy.  I printed it single spaced and double sided, and consequently it actually looked rather unimpressive.  I imagine that when I finish my rewrites, I’ll at least double space before sending copies to my first readers.  If I ever submit it for publication somewhere, naturally I’ll follow standard manuscript format.  But for normal readers, I can’t imagine that being the preferred format for reading, so I may spin things a little more nicely.

(Dicking around with the format is a nice way to feel like you’re working on it, when really you’re not.)

Anyway, I’ll post here every couple of weeks with updates on my rewrite and editing progress.