Back in the Saddle

I’m back in the blogging saddle again, after a nice long vacation.  It saddens me to realize I have a whole empty month in the archives of this blog now.

So, I only have a minor sort of excuse for the long absence.  The first couple of weeks of July were due to my own laziness, and trying to finish up some of my actual work before my vacation.  Then I had two weeks of vacation back home, which was very busy and Internet-free.  Returning to my normal life thereafter meant I had to catch up on the entire Internet from the time I was away, and so it is only just now that I find myself a functional human being once again.

My goal for August is to get some sort of structure into my life, so that I can work on:

  • my research,
  • revising my novel,
  • writing a couple of short stories,
  • going to the gym,
  • and a few other ongoing projects.

If I can organize myself better (quite possible by implementing ideas I read six months ago in the “Getting Things Done” book), I should be able to set aside time for regular blogging here, and the pace will pick up.  See, it’s not that I don’t blog because I don’t have anything to say, but rather that I don’t blog because I get lazy and distracted by other unproductive things.

(Now, some will argue that blogging is unproductive.  They might be right, if productivity requires there being some specific value to that which is being produced.  But from my point of view, even if blogging has no value to me, I’m still producing something.  Hence, I tend to get distracted by consuming things — movies, TV series on DVD, comics, whatever — and thus I fail to procrastinate by procuding things.)

So by September, I think, I’ll try to upgrade my WordPress software, and customize a theme for this place rather than using a pre-existing one (nice though they are), and get on some sort of regular publication schedule, and make this place just a little bit more lively.

(Damn, that was some long-winded adminning.)  Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that.