Pizza Quest 1: Pizza Delight

Since I first started my Pizza Quest some months ago, I have been lax in posting updates.  Rest assured, gentle reader, that I have not been lax in my consumption of pizza.  This is the first of three posts intended to get me caught up.

The first contender is Pizza Delight.  This is my mother’s preferred place, primarily (I think) because it is the pizza place closest to us.  Thankfully, it is not a bad default option.  Their pizzas are generally quite consistent; only with the last pizza did I find anything off-normal.  In that case, we got it on a Saturday night that was unusually busy for them, and it seemed like it had been left in the oven just a bit too long.

Their pizzas are generally quite tasty, with a dough-thickness that I quite enjoy.  However, they have a bit of a softer crust on the bottom, and not much crust on the ends to hold on to.  Thus, while it is a good pizza, I’m not sure they are quite a contender for what I’m looking for.

We had pepperoni, cheese, ground beef, and bacon.  This (or something close) will be our test toppings for future pizzas.  We also had an order of garlic fingers, which turned out to be quite expensive, and not worth the cost, I think.  We could have almost had another proper pizza for the price we paid, and pizza is greater than garlic fingers.

So, overall impressions of Pizza Delight are favourable, but not quite the kind of pizza I’m looking for.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Quest 1: Pizza Delight”

  1. Pizza Delight is perhaps the least offensive of any pizza you’ll get. It’s a franchise so most people are familiar with it. What you get in St. John’s will look and taste the same as what you get in Deer Lake, or Stephenville, etc. It’s also a little more expensive than the non-franchise or local ma & pa pizza place.

    I would say it’s better than other pizza franchises such as greco in terms of taste. But below Boston Pizza in terms of taste and expense.

    I have a feeling that your research will take you away from franchises very quickly.

    1. My plan all along has been to avoid big chains; I decided to let Pizza Delight in since it is more a local or regional chain rather than national/international, and, well, we have it a lot.

      However, as you will soon see, I have already moved on to trying other places.

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