Pizza Quest 2: Old Town Pizzeria

After a couple of Pizza Delight outings, I finally managed to try a place that was entirely new to me: Old Town Pizzeria.  Their pizza is much closer to the kind I like: crispier crust on the bottom, a meaningful amount of crust to hold on to at the edges, reasonably thick and doughy, and a nice layer of toppings.

This was a very satisfying experience.  The only drawback was that I found their sauce a little too sweet; this was only really noticeable around the edges after some of the toppings had slid off.  While I think I’ll want to come back to them again to get a stronger impression of whether they might be “the one”, they are certainly a more favoured option than Pizza Delight just by dint of being closer to the kind of pizza I like.

The pizza quest is already becoming more and more delicious.

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