Pizza Quest 3: Mr. Jim’s Pizza

My decision to even bother trying a pizza place in Mount Pearl was entirely based off a friend of mine—jazz musician Patrick Boyle—writing a song about it: Mr. Jim’s Reels.  I figured song-worthy pizza must be worth a try.  The Superbowl viewing I attended in Mount Pearl gave me the perfect opportunity to try it, and to be a decent guest by bringing some pizza to the party.

Unfortunately, Superbowl Sunday had seen some poor weather, and thus my travel to Mount Pearl was somewhat hindered.  Since I had no idea how long it would take Mr. Jim’s to prep a pizza for pick-up (only about 15 minutes, it seems), I had ordered it far too early, and thus we were about 10 minutes late picking it up.  Coupled with another few minutes of travel time to our final destination, and the pizza may not have been at optimal freshness when consumed.

On the up-side, Mr. Jim’s pizza was good—certainly what I consider a proper sort of pizza.  The crust was thick and crispy, toppings were generous, and it was tasty.  I think this particular pizza had been slightly overdone, as the crust was more brown than golden in places, but it was certainly not drastically so.

The most significant drawback came when the toppings congealed together in a solid mass of cheese, pepperoni, and bacon (delicious, I know) that tended to slide off the top of the slices.  Of course, this made me nostalgic for similar pizzas of my youth, but it had been a while since I had experienced the phenomenon.  I would suggest that it may have been due to the lack of freshness by this point—if the pizza had cooled enough for the cheese to solidify in this matter, it would exacerbate any sliding tendencies.

As such, I think Mr. Jim’s definitely warrants a second tasting, to ensure my already-positive opinion is not of a sub-optimal pizza.  I do not think it is sufficiently stand-out from places closer to home to warrant becoming a regular pizza place, but it is definitely a good pizza.