Pizza Quest 4: Peter’s Pizza

I recently had the chance to return to an old favourite pizza place: Peter’s Pizza on Torbay Road.  At one time it had been our regular pizza place, but when it moved across the street my mother found it harder to get to (as she had to cross traffic), and so we stopped getting it quite so much.  I figured it was time to try it out again.

The pizza we got was a respectable pizza, with extremely abundant cheese.  The crust was nice and thick and doughy around the edges, but on this particular pizza I found it a little thin toward the middle.  This thinness—combined with the heavy load of melted cheese—led to a crucial structural issue: slice floppiness.  The bacon used as a topping was fine, but more the chewy rather than crispy variety.

As a result, this pizza had pros and cons in equal measure, roughly cancelling each other out.  I remember that one of the other reasons we had stopped going there back in the day was a lack of consistency—sometimes it is absolutely fantastic, and other times it is just okay.  I think that was the case here.  It was tasty, and I certainly ate too much of it, but there were a few little things I wished were a bit better.

The last time I had it—last summer, actually—it was much better than this most recent incarnation.  And that lack of consistency is the killer, really.  When I get a pizza from there that is not as good as I know it can be, it’s disappointing by comparison, even though the sub-par pizza is still fine of its own accord.  I think that takes Peter’s Pizza out of contention for being “The One Pizza Place” that becomes my default.