Pizza Quest 7: Venice Pizzeria

It has, admittedly, been a while since I last updated the Pizza Quest.  This, in large part, has been because at work a bunch of us chip in for pizza lunch on Fridays, and so I haven’t been able to justify eating much pizza outside of that context.  For the longest time we were ordering from Old Town—a worthy option—but over this summer we started rotating through a number of other options.  Most are ones I had tried as part of the quest, but there have been a few new ones, including today’s entry: Venice Pizzeria.

Overall, the pizza from Venice was quite good.  Thick crust of the kind I prefer—though not as tasty as Stoggers—and heavily-laden with toppings.  This was both a blessing and a curse, however, since it led to structural integrity issues.  The toppings on occasion interfered with each other, leading to the dreaded “sliding topping” syndrome.  The mountain of meaty toppings also led to the particular pizza we consumed feeling kind of greasy.

That said, the pizza was delicious and filling.  It is definitely worthy of a repeat dining experience, though it has not distinguished itself enough yet to be my “one true pizza”.  I will be curious to see if the quality remains consistent, which is crucial in choice of a favourite pizza place.